Dan Houser, founder of Rockstar Game, is getting into NFTs


Dan Houser had announced to leave Rockstar Games in the spring of 2020, to everyone’s surprise. The man is indeed co-founder of the studios with his brother Sam, and had written almost all the GTA games, as well as the two Red Dead Redemptions. Suffice to say that he was a key figure at Rockstar.

If he has since set up Absurd Venture, nothing has yet come out of this new company, and it is elsewhere that houser stands out today. He has indeed invested more than thirteen million dollars in Revolving Games, a studio until now specialized in free-to-play on mobile and which intends to use the blockchain (and therefore NFTs) for its next titles. A bundle of millions in addition to the first twenty-five already collected by the studio from various investors. By the way, Dan Houser also offers himself a place as an advisor in the management team of Revolving Games.

Two projects are in the studio’s pipeline: an MMO with 4x mechanics under the Battlestar Galactica license, and a game that will be inspired, according to the studio’s statements, by Nintendo’s great titles, such as Zelda or Animal Crossing, Skyborne Legacy. The latter was, according to the latest news, about to be released, scheduled for the beginning of October. Both titles have the ambition to be “AAA games that the industry will want to look back on”…

Dan Houser is the second “ex-GTA team” to give in to the sirens of web3. We have indeed understood between the lines that Everywhere, the ambitious project of Leslie Benzies (producer of GTA 3, 4 and 5) should also integrate blockchain technologies.

Did the creators of GTA work too much on gangster stories, to dive into this giant scam that is NFTs? Or will this technology end up imposing itself in the video game world, by dint of big projects that carry it? Because if the players seem to reject them en masse, it seems that there are always new investors to finance projects integrating NFTs… And above all, will GTA VI end up being released one day?


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